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A collection of Hannah Alexander's artbooks! These would make great gifts or keepsake for anyone interested in cosplay, design or concept art! Each book is signed by the artist at no additional cost.**BUY VOLUME 1, 2 AND 3, AND GET THE SKETCHBOOK FREE!!**  



'Cosplay Concepts' features over 70 original costume designs based on popular culture figures from various franchises, such as Disney, Sailor Moon, The Nightmare Before Christmas and more! 

This 40 page book is printed in stunning full colour onto silk paper, bound in a soft cover. It includes:
- Full body illustrations of costume designs
- Artist's thoughts about their creation
- Work in Progress sketches
- A selection of back views, inspiration pictures and details of designs
- Photos of cosplayers wearing costumes inspired by the designs

Book specifications: 
44 pages, A4 portrait, 130gsm silk interior, 300gsm cover with silk finish, matt laminated, PUR bound



The much anticipated second volume in the Cosplay Concepts collection that showcases some of Hannah's latest costume designs from popular culture.

Every page is packed full of colour illustrations, progress sketches and detailed notes from the artist, which explore both the design process and how the illustrations are created. Alongside these insights are tips and tricks for designing and creating costumes, including a blank illustration template for you to use for your own creations.

Book specifications: 
52 pages, A4 portrait, 130gsm silk interior, 300gsm silk cover, Matt laminate finish, PUR bound



The most recent installment of the Cosplay Concepts series, launched November 2021! In keeping with the rest of the series, this book contains over 40 designs all with back views and design notes, as well as a look into Hannah's processes and inspirations.

Designs include Haku, Chihiro, Howl, Sophie, Link, Zelda, Yennefer, Triss, Ciri, the Crystal Gems, and many more!

Book specifications: 
63 pages, A4 portrait, 130gsm silk interior, 300gsm cover with silk finish, matt laminated, PUR bound



In the spirit of Cosplay Concepts, Hannah created Cosplay Concepts: Sketchbook to showcase the complete collection of her design sketches in one handy compilation!

For years, Hannah has been creating sketches as part of her creative process before refining the ideas for the finished costume, often posting them online so her followers can input their thoughts, too. 

Book specifications:
210mm square, 56 pages, full color, silk finish, PUR bound, 250gsm cover, 270gsm inner. 



Shipped in a sturdy cardboard envelope with tracked shipping.

Art Books: Cosplay Concepts

  • Worldwide tracked shipping outside of UK. 
    Shipped in a sturdy cardboard envelope.
    Estimates: 1-2 week within UK and 3-4 weeks outside of UK.

    Due to Covid, please expect some delays with shipping times. Please note that all orders outside of the UK may incur customs charges. Please research your country's customs regulations to find out about charges.

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